We have various hens available throughout the year. Hybrids,Pure Breds and Bantams many of which are available as day olds at our own hatchery on site till Point of Lay.
Chickens are very rewarding birds you can watch them for hours (real time wasters!) They are inquisitive and no two have the same characteristics, as a bonus they supply you with many wonderful tasty eggs.

Our P.O.L Hens are usually available around 16-20 weeks depending on when you pick them up.They will usually start to lay around 20-24 weeks of age.

Our ladies are regularly wormed and on purchase come with a two week guarantee which is standard.
If you were to have any concerns about your hens or need any aftercare advise please contact us.
Below is a list of Hens available:

SPECKLEDY: Attractive bird similar to the Maran-producing up to 250 high quality brown eggs per year.

WISHING WHITE: Small Leghorn type producing up to 300 good sized white eggs per year.

WISHING WELL BLUE: Docile,heavier bird,lovely plumage-laying up to 240 brown eggs per year.

WISHING WELL BLACKTAIL: Great temperment,hardy hen,reliable layer-laying up to 300 eggs per year.

WISHING WELL REVERSE: The reverse of the light sussex.Black with white flecks on the plumage,pretty bird,laying in the region of 300 plus eggs a year.

BLACK ROCK:A hardy lighter bird,Black with a golden plumage.Laying a Darker Egg,Very good layers.

COPPER BLACK:Similiar to the Black Rock,but with a deeper darker plumage,producing a more chocolate brown egg,darkest of these Hybrids.

THE COLUMBINE:A very attractive bird,coming from the Legbar,mainly crested,80+% producing a lovely blue or greenish egg,the remaining laying a pastel egg.Very individual Birds.

LIGHT SUSSEX:A very pretty bird,good natured,Laying a paler Egg.

(Amounts of eggs produced from these hens are achievable depending on environment)


PEKINS AND SILKIES (In Various Colours)bantams
BRAEKELS (Rare Light Breed)
RUMPLESS ARAUCANAS(Blue/green egg layer,Rare breed)
POLISH bantams (Various Colours)
SERAMAS bantams
PADOVANAS (Rare Breed)Various colours
CREAM LEGBAR (blue/green egg layer)

P1060924 (800x600)
Black Rock
P1060599 (800x600)
P1060903 (800x600)
Wishing Light Sussex
P1060782 (800x600)
What came First,The chicken or the EGG?
Alfie and Marg one of our Warrens
Our Trav With Th Chooks
Charlie and Marg the Warren
P1050516 (800x600)
P1050978 (800x600)
P1060198 (600x800)
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We have tried many products over the years to rid red mite,and other parasites.With our milder weather over the last couple of years it has contributed to Red mite becoming a problem for all poultry keepers,small and large scale.We have found the Answer!!
A powder and Spray system put together:
PERBIO CHOC: The strongest ready to use insecticide in the UK. It stops all flying and crawling insects including RED MITE-DEAD,and provides up to 3 MONTHS of control after a single treatment. Available from us in 1 litres and 5 litres.

KILLING POWDER:Organ X is a natural insect killer and very effective in the control of RED MITE and other flying and crawling insects including bed bugs,ants,fleas,spiders aswell as grain storage pests,this can be used on ALL Animals and around plants.
Can be used in dust bath formation and when eaten by chickens this also helps with INTERNAL PARASITES.
Large Seelection of Hybrid,Pure Bred and Bantam Chickens Available,see below Hybrids
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