We breed several types of ducks here at WW. Once again they are put out to pasture as soon as they are able for it. They are available at different ages. We mainly breed the non flying types so they are suitable for all situations.

THE KHAKI CAMPBELL: The Khaki is a light breed duck, quite scatty when young but lovely in nature when mature. One of the highest producers of eggs up to 300 a year! The Drakes are quite handsome. This duck does not fly.

THE INDIAN RUNNER: WHITES, FAWN + WHITE and THE SAXONYAND MORE: We have various types of Runners. They are an upright bird and very interesting to watch. Tame quite easily. Non flyers-intelligent and can lay up to 200 good sized eggs a year. The Drakes also make lovely pets.

THE AYLESBURY:Good producer of eggs,get to a lovely big size as they mature.These ducks are full of Character and love to chat,
a typical Puddle Duck.

MUSCOVY DUCKS:These Ducks are a treat to be around,they become very tame and unlike other ducks are very quiet.
They come in an aray of colours,the males can get quite big.They wag their tales when happy.Thay can fly quite well so wings will be clipped if wanted but they are very good at homing in.

CALL DUCKS:These are minature ducks with a big personality,the feamles can be very vocal sounding like a constant Laugh ha.They produce a smaller egg and are not as prolific as other breeds,they come in various colours.

Ducks Curently Available

Khaki Campbells
Indian Runners           
Aylesbury Ducks

Young Indian Runner
Khaki Campbell Duckling With Marg
Indian Runner Duckling
Young Khaki Campbell
Ducklings and Friends
Silver Appleyards
Indian Runners,Saxony Runner,Khaki's
Manderin Drake and Duck
Off To bed!
Happy Feet!!
Enjoying the Snow
Beautiful Muscovy's
Butterscotch Crested
Our ducks being fed their bread
Runner Ducklings
Fawn and White Runner
Manderin Guarding His House!
Ring Neck Teal
Pintail female playing with Float
Muscovy Laying her Egg in the Shavings!
Breakfast Time
Muscovy male youngster
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Please see bottom of page for ducks currently available Stunning Coloured Indian Runners Available
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