FEEDS: We supply a range of feeds and grit that are associated with the animals we sell. All feeds we source are tried and tested on our own livestock for a period of three months or more to compare quality, growth rate and importantly egg production ( general all round conditioning).All feeds are from Non GM Modified grains. Competitively priced sack rates.
Hugely discounted bulk rates. All can be arranged to be delivered.
(If there are any particular feeds we have not got in stock we will Endeavour to source and supply)

We are now stocking the BADMINTON/BAILEYS AND FANCY FEED,in the poultry feeds as well as our usual COUNTRYWIDE feeds.

Corn:Excellent Quality,Dust free and Rich in colour.Additive Free

Supreme Poultry Corn:This is a wonderful mix,with a lot to it including:Whole Wheat,Cut Maize,Oystershell,Flaked Peas,Linseed seed and Soya Oil.Additive Free.

Layers Pellet:Small Pellets,ideal for any Hens especially,Bantams,Excellent for Quail,all Additive Free.

CHICK CRUMB:Additive Free,for all types of poultry chicks,Ducklings and Goslings:Fed from Hatching up to 6-8 weeks of age.Essential Amino acids for muscle and skeletal development and feather production.Natural prebiotic to optimise gut health and immune response. And much More....

GROWER PELLETS:A complete balanced diet for growing poultry,ducklings and goslings.Fed from 6-8 weeks up to 18-20 weeks.Quality protein provides essential Amino acids to support rapid muscle,tissue and skeletal development as the bird grows.
Fully balanced with Vitamins and minerals.Medication free and more...

FEEDERS AND DRINKERS: We have a good selection of dispensers for food, water, grit etc. We stock chick feeders/drinkers up to much larger sizes. We also stock the very popular Blenheim Feeder which comes with the very handy rain hood, which is also good for preventing the food getting soiled and in free range circumstances prevents wild birds from poaching the food.

OTHER REQUISITS: We supply cider vinegar,VERM X ,Louse powder,
Red Mite powder,Scaly leg ointment
Dont forget your Chickens treats! Wealso sell mealworms and other chicken lovin treats.

Treadle Feeders
Galvanised Feeders
Galavanised Auto Feeders
Galvanised Cage Feeders
AND much more......

Other Livestock Feeds available:
Ewe Mix
Pig Feeds
Ovilac Lamb/Kid Powder Milk
Goat Feeds
Dog Bisciuts
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