We breed and rear the Heritage Bourbon Red Turkey.
These are available at times from Poults to adults. They are a
single breasted,tall traditional and very attractive bird.The
Bourbon Red is named after Bourbon County in Kentucky.In
1930ís and 40ís it was one of the main commercial varieties and
was very popular but with the introduction of the broad-breasted
turkey it withered out.The Bourbon mature Stag can reach weights
of up to 34lbs and a mature Hen 18lbs maybe a little more.
This variety make very tame pets,very inquisitive, love foraging
and provide excellent meat and very YUMMY EGGS!!

We breed three types of geese here at WW

All of which have access to pasture as soon
as they are able for it. They are available at
all ages.This year we had 80+ Embden
goslings roaming the fields here, the
majority of which were purchased by a farm
in Somerset.

THE EMBDEN: A traditional favourite, with a
lovely pure white plumage. This goose
originated in Northern Europe. Big heavy birds dual purpose in that it is a good egg layer and meat bird. These do become very friendly.

THE CHINESE: An elegant bird that comes from the Swan goose. A lighter bird with a smaller carriage, also known as the Knob fronted goose. These are very chatty birds as goslings and are a joy to rear as they become very tame. Thay make excellent watchdogs. They are also good egg layers. We breed the grey and white.

THE TOULOUSE DEWLAP: These are what I would call a cuddly goose and have a whole lot of character; they also become very tame and will follow you everywhere. This bird was bred in France primarily for its meat. They possess (when older) very obvious dewlaps hanging from the throat region.

We also at times have the Rare RED BREASTED GEESE available.
See Ornamental Waterfowl Page.

Pairs of Chinese Geese

Please click to enlarge pictures

Embdens Roaming Free
Embden Gosling
Our Embden Geese
Chinese Geese
Glorious Bourbon Red Stag
Red Breasted Geese
Toulouse Dewlaps
Ne Ne
Our Monica
Chinese Gosling
Toulouse Dewlap Gosling
Pomeraninan Geese
Pomeranian Geese
Free Range Turkeys
Giant Exhibition Toulouse Dewlaps Now available
Chinese now available in the background
Embden Crosses
P1050157 (600x800)
See bottom of page for all geese currently available,all of our birds are free range and mixed with eachother ready for their new homes,more pics to follow
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