HAY AND STRAW: Small or large bales available, any quantity, Delivery possible.
Providing the best quality we can.
Discount for large orders-please contact us for more details and pricing.

SHAVINGS: This is premium quality, dust extracted, woodshavings. Average of 120 litres, our buyers of this item remark how incredibly far this product goes. Please contact us if you require prices.

We now stock LAY-SOFT "THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS" Animal shavings
Super Absorbent,Dust Extracted,Sterilised Animal Bedding 100% Recycled.
25 Kg Bales super Absorbent,superior Odour elimination with lower spore count,free from contaminants,does not attract vermin,unlike straw.
"Stay dry"top layer allows liquid to run through and be absorbed at the bottom of the stack,whilst allowing top parts to dry off and remain warm for the Horse and Poultry alike.
An excellent product!

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