A general purpose liquid supplement and tonic for chickens that maybe under the weather and in need of a pick-me-up.At the same time it helps maintain good digestion and egg production at any time of the year.This product is an essential part of any chicken management system.
Helps maintain general good health and energy levels.
Supports digestion and the use of food.
Maintains a good general metabolism.
Helps individuals grow well.

A natural way to maintain normal and calm behaviour when new birds are added to the flock and for the maintenance of good general health,free from worry.
This product can be used for:
Introduction of hens into a new home or into a new group.
When ex-battery hens need help in making behavioural adjustments.
At any time of stress,group disturbance or climate change.

Like people,chickens often need help with clear breathing.Breathe Free is the wonderful natural way to help chickens maintain clear nostrils and lungs.
It helps balance the micro-organisms throughout the birds brething apparatus while ensuring that the chicken remains comfortable and productive.If extra help is needed try combining BreatheFree with Revitaliser or ImmunoTech.

The chickens in your garden or on your land are fully exposed to wild birds that may be carrying agents that can weaken the immune system of your birds.Owners and keepers praise Immunotech Formula because they say it helps maintain optimal normal levels of Body strength.
If one chicken is off colour you can use ImmunoTech on just this individual or on your whole flock for the sake of nutritional safety.It is better to use preventative nutrition than to end up with less eggs and unhappy chickens.
Whenever you are introducing new chickens into your flock this may cause new problems.You can support the immunity of all chickens by using ImmunoTech at such times.

Chickens have a fast metabolism and need a constant supply of clean water.If they lose to much water through their droppings they very quickly become weak.
LDF ensures that chickens are able to maintain regular normal droppings and stay in tip top condition at all times.
LDF comes in a powder to be mixed in with mashed food.
For a group of 10 hens mix in 1 teaspoonful of powder with some mash in the morning and the afternoon.

There are various additives you can add to your chickens food to maintain their optimum normal health:
Garlic is an excellent natural aid for chickens.Available in easy-to-eat granules,this natural product helps keep the bowels clear whilst assisting in the general condition of the bird.

Seaweed is an excellent source of extra minerals for your chickens.Besides supplementing the diet with daily fresh greens and weeds,extra minerals are important when chickens are less able to forage for worms and insects.
Our seaweed comes from a pure clean source in Scotland.

A natural additive for enhancing the yoke in respect of colour and shape.This additive is particularly valued by people who sell eggs.

Did you know the whole Egg laying process from start to finish takes around 25 hours.

This is a concentrated strong mix of plants that works on red mites that live in the crevices of your chicken house and feed on your birds at night.The spray can also be used for mites that live on your bird,s legs.

A long with the application of Mite Spray,weekly treatment of Lice Powder is also advisable.If lice are present,they are frequently seen around the vent.You can either treat the chickens directly or put the louse powder into their dust bath and they will treat themselves.

At Wishing Wells we also Supply the Battles Louse Powder,Red Mite Powder and Scaly Leg ointment.
"A Few Chips Never Hurt Ha!"
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