QUAIL: We have quail available throughout the year. We breed the Coturnix quail:Italian,Texan etc. These little birds are fun to watch, easy to keep and a pleasure for all! The females will supply you with many yummy creamy little eggs that are great for salads, mini scotch eggs etc. The Quail maybe small but they have BIG personalities, and can become very tame.

GUINEA FOWL: These birds are packed with Character and quickly come to the person who is feeding them, they are a joy to watch, can be a little noisy, lovely birds.
Please check website for availability or contact us.

KID GOATS:Throughout the year we have our Adorable Pygmy Goat Kids available,they are well socialised and we spend a lot of time with them.Yoe require a CPH number from DEFRA to keep goats,we are here to advise and help with any questions you may have keeping your pygmies especially regarding their care,such as foot trimming,worming,vaccinations,amount to feed etc. We are always just a phone call away if you need any help after your purchace.Kids will not be sold singally as they are herd animals so atleast two is a mustThey are very intelligent animals and will bring great joy,very amusing and real time wasters,they really do become part of the family.You are very welcome to place a deposit on your chosen kids before they are ready to leave,this also gives you the chance to visit them and get to know them (and they get to know you)before you take them home,

LAMBS/YEARLINGS: These are the Welsh Mule X Welsh Mountain. Very hardy sheep, tall, they make excellent mothers, easy lambing, make very good weights and become very friendly. We have these at times for breeding or as pets.Please contact us for more details.

Badger Face Lambs:These are a stunning Breed,and will available spring 2016 as we have sold our lambs during 2015.

WEANERS: Again the Welsh, available throughout the year, please check website or contact us for more details.

EMU CHICKS/ADULTS: Sometimes in the year
we have Emu chicks/Adults available,these
will be DNA Sexed.

Frillback pigeon
Lambs 2013
Lord Rambo
P1060188 (600x800)
P1060378 (800x600)
P1060380 (600x800)
P1060400 (600x800)
P1060395 (800x600)
P1060289 (800x600)
P1060320 (800x600)
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Pygmy Kids Now Available 2020
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