As you can see from the other links on our website our shop sells a variety of free range Eggs, Feeds for your poultry etc,Feeders,drinkers,Hay and Straw,Shavings,Herbal remedies for your poultry,lice treatments,Egg boxes and Trays,feed scoops,Dummy Eggs,Roll away nest inserts,Aivary netting,Discinfectant,Heat lamps and Bulbs.

We have a small selection of Wild Bird Feeds,Dog Treats,accesories,Shampoos and Fragrance Sprays,collars,and Bowls.
Convenience Rabbit food and Mealworms.

We supply lots of other items for the smallholder,other livestock feeds,Unique Animal Housing only available at Wishing Wells,Wheelbarrows,Wire Netting,Fence Panels,Feed Bins,Duck and Goose Pools,Plastic Shovels,Buckets,Tubs,Bamboo Canes,brooms,shovels,dung forks of different types and colours,rakes,watering cans,hoses,Door mats and foot scrapers, and so much more! Not forgetting our Rodent Baits-see bottom of page!

Through the year at times we sell our fresh vegetables and salads
that are grown here on our farm.

We supply Logs and Kindlng and Various types of Coal:
Homefire Smokeless
Taybrite (suitable for room heaters and boilers).

Take advantage of our free Local Delivery on Multiple Purchases.

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Incubators,rearing equipment
Chick Rearer
Feeders,Drinkers,Nest boxes etc
Treadle feeders
Global Herbs Supplements and Remdies
Poultry Crates
Electric Fencing
P1050522 (800x600)
Logs,Coal and Kindling
P1040813 (800x600)
P1050509 (800x600)
P1050523 (600x800)
P1050514 (800x600)
Our Charlie and Marg
P1050510 (800x600)
Various Egg holders available
Large Glazed Egg Mansion
Glazed Egg House
Chicken Trugs
P1040658 (800x600)
P1040670 (800x600)
P1040751 (600x800)
Paving Slabs and More
PERBIO CHOC: The strongest ready to use insecticide in the UK.Stops all flying and crawling insects including RED MITE-DEAD!,Provides up to 3 MONTHS of control after a single treatment.
Available form us in 1 Litres and 5 Litres.

ORGAN X KILLING POWDER: A natural formulation system that is very affective in the control of flying and crawling insects including:RED MITE,bed bugs,spiders,ants,fleas,and more,as well as grain storage pests.Can be used on all animals and around plants,Also as a dust bath system and as chicken will eat this it helps with internal Parasites!
We have a good and very effective Range of Rodent Baits:
These come in the from of Blocks,Grain and Paste.
A variety of poisons for all types of Situations and Environments,we are very happy to advise our clients to which is best suited for their requirments.
We Supply the LODI range which is Highly affective and which has sold to the largest professional companies throughout Europe!
FLY CONTROL:We have a revolutionary new product again from LODI,a 10 METRE! Fly Glue Roll,its unique design combines a specially crafted surface impregnated with fly sex pheromones and is covered with specially formulated attractive glue.It is non toxic and environmentally friendly.It is suitable for use against all fly species and is especially designed for use in ALL ANIMAL HOUSING:Chicken units,Stables,Pig units,Cow and Sheep sheds and Milking Parlours to mention a few.This does not stick to your fingers either.Fantastic product again used by ourselves.
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